Tired of Cheese? Here’s 3 Ideas to Bring Exciting Back

Let's face it; ordering pizza can be a challenge. It’s nearly impossible to pick a pizza that everyone is going to like and that will satisfy all taste preferences. But, that’s where the beauty of cheese pizza comes in! Cheese pizza is a delicious and versatile base that you can use to build a meal everyone will enjoy. From cheese to specialized toppings, ordering pizza in Manchester has never been easier with these three tips from Luisa's Pizza!

Tired of regular cheese? Consider these additions next time you order pizza.


More Cheese!

Yes, a solution to “boring” cheese pizza is adding more cheese! Well, not just more cheese, different cheeses. Mozzarella is the pizza maker’s go-to cheese because it melts easily and its mild flavor goes well with any topping. But different cheeses have different flavors, and you can add your favorites to a takeout pizza to boost the taste. Crumble some bleu cheese or feta on top or sprinkle or grate some parmesan. Combine them for a complex cheesy experience.  

Add Some Veggies!

While the pizza is still hot, toss some fresh vegetables on top. Leafy greens with strong flavors like basil, arugula, and spinach are delicious when you drop them on a cheese pizza fresh out of the oven. Fresh tomatoes also add a burst of flavor and texture to a pizza that’s different from tomatoes that are cooked on the pizza. Turn a cheese pizza into a classic Margherita pizza with tomatoes and basil. Drizzle some balsamic vinegar over it for a little sweetness!  

Perhaps spicy is the flavor of the night?

If you don’t mind a pizza without toppings but wish the flavor was a little more exciting, there are some easy ways to spice it up. First, there are the class red pepper flakes. There’s a reason you’ll find these on the tables of nearly every pizzeria. The flakes settle into the oil from the melted cheese and punch up your pizza. For a classy alternative, drizzle some chili-infused olive oil over the pizza.   pizza manchester

Endless Ways to Appreciate Cheese Pizza in Manchester at Luisa's!

Cheese pizza doesn’t have to be boring. Whether you order some unusual toppings up front or make your own additions at home, start at Luisa's for great pizza in Manchester. September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day, so start planning your celebrations now!  

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