3 Reasons Why Pizza Is the Best Food for Your Halloween Party

Halloween is a great reason to have a party. You can easily buy large quantities of candy, everyone has an excuse to wear a costume, and it’s just fun to make your house look spooky. When you’re throwing a party for any reason, you need food. As much as we love mini chocolate bars, you need something more substantial to serve your guests. You have plenty of choices, but we think the best is pizza.  

Why is pizza the best food to serve at a Halloween party? Here are just a few reasons.


Everybody loves pizza.

Is there really anyone who really doesn’t like pizza? We can understand—and possibly forgive—if it’s not your favorite food, but everyone at least likes it enough to enjoy it. Unless you’re vegan. We can’t help you there. But for the rest of us, pizza is the best party food. There are plenty of options, from plain cheese to meat lovers to Hawaiin. No matter what your guests’ preferences are, there are enough choices to make everyone happy.  

It’s convenient and easy to eat.

Halloween parties are generally casual affairs, so no one is going to judge you for ordering something easy like pizza. Nearly all pizzerias deliver, as well, so you don’t have to worry about going out to get the food either before your guests arrive or once everyone is there. Halloween parties also usually have a lot of people; no one is hosting an intimate get-together for Halloween. Pizza is easy to eat, so you don’t have to worry about if everyone will have a place to sit down and eat at a table. Paper plates and napkins are good enough.  

There’s no age limit.

No matter what the age group is for your Halloween party, pizzas are appropriate party food. Whether it’s all kids, just adults, or families, no one will think pizza is beneath them or turn away from it as something “weird.” Some foods you grow out of, others you only appreciate as an adult. Not so with pizza. Pizza is for everyone.  

Throw a Halloween bash with the best pizza in Manchester!

Luisa’s Pizzeria may be closed on Halloween this year (it falls on a Tuesday), but we’re here for your weekend Halloween parties! Get your friends, family, and neighbors together and enjoy some Halloween pizzas!  

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