It’s Time For Lunch with Luisa’s Pizza!

If you know Luisa's Pizza, you know how much we love lunch! And this month, we're celebrating National “Make Lunch Count" Day! We've catered events for a variety of places, including sports teams, universities, and schools, and every event is usually centered around lunch, for good reason! Lunch breaks are an important part of everyone's day–students and workers alike. Everyone needs a little break to refuel, and why not enjoy that break with a slice of pizza from Luisa's? If you think like we do when it comes to lunch breaks, you're not alone. Here's a little history on the lunch break and why taking one is a good idea!  

The History of the Lunch Break

Lunchtime has played an integral part in society for hundreds of years. Before the Industrial Revolution, lunch or luncheon was served at home with family and friends. However, in the mid-1800s, work shifted from local farms and small-town shops to large factories with long hours and a short lunch break. As a result, workers took lunch breaks at work instead of at home. However, this would change in the 90s and mid-2000s. Workers began traveling further and faster for work, and workers opted to meet out for "work-lunch meetings".

The "Fear of Lunching Out"

One recent study suggests that many people in the U.S. suffer from something they've termed "FOLO" or the "Fear of Lunching Out". This is because most workers and students opt to eat at their desks or they skip lunch altogether! However, many schools and companies take the lunch break more seriously, and we think you should too! Taking a lunch break away from the desk or workspace is a healthy way to boost productivity and a positive work or study space, even if it's a 30-minute break!

Take a Break with Luisa's Pizza!

If you're still searching for a place to get your next lunch order, Luisa's Pizza is a great option! We've been hand-making pizzas since 1980 with a focus on fresh ingredients, and we love what we do here at Luisa's. If pizza isn't your thing, we have plenty of food options, including our famous "Ugli" Breadsticks, buffalo chicken salad, grilled steak sandwiches, and more! We can accommodate your lunch break, even if it's just 30 minutes - order online for takeout or delivery. We look forward to serving you!

Ready for your lunch break? Order from Luisa's Pizza today in Manchester, NH!

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