Looking for the Best Calzone ‘Near me’? You Found It

More often than not, when someone craves a pizza, it's just that - pizza. However, it's also a meal that can become tiresome time after time. A crazy thought, we may say. However, when this happens, why not consider a calzone? Here at Luisa's Pizza, we take great pride in offering not only the freshest hand-tossed pizza in Manchester, but also the best calzone!  

If you're craving a pizza but are looking for a bit of a twist - it's time to think calzone. The origins, the favorites, and why calzones 'near me' end with Luisa's.

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The Earliest Calzone

The calzone is a folded, stuffed pizza originating in the region of Campania, in southern Italy, in the city of Naples. If you know Naples, you know it is known for its pizza. Calzones are believed to have originated as a way for pizza makers to use leftover ingredients. Said to have been popular among Neapolitan workers, calzones were easy to take on the go and eat with one hand.   

The word "calzone" means "trouser leg" in Italian, which is thought to refer to the shape of the dish. 

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The Basics

Made by rolling out a circle of pizza dough, then filling it with various ingredients. This includes things such as mozzarella cheese, meats, and vegetables, the calzone comes to life much like the pizza. The primary difference is the edges of the dough, which are sealed before the calzone is baked in an oven. Like pizza, the dish is typically served hot and can be cut into slices.  

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The Global Phenomenon 

In the United States, calzones became popular during the 1950s and 1960s, particularly in the country's northeastern region. This area was where many Italian immigrants settled.   The calzone has since significantly evolved and can be found in many variations, with different fillings, shapes, and sizes. Some calzones are made with a thicker, bread-like dough, while others use a thinner, more traditional pizza dough. The fillings can range from traditional options like mozzarella and salami to more creative combinations such as chicken and broccoli.  

Still searching for the best calzone 'near me?' 

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