Need a Pizza Alternative? Try Calzones!

Everybody loves pizza, we’ve established this. But sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, even pizza. If you’re looking for an alternative for lunch or dinner that’s similar but different enough, order yourself a calzone from Luisa’s! Add all your favorite toppings and have yourself a meal-sized pizza pocket.

A calzone is much more than just a pizza folded in half (although it is that, too). Check out these fun facts about calzones!


90s TV may be responsible for their popularity.

Any Seinfeld fans out there? Then you may remember a 1996 episode that revolved around George getting the ear of his boss because he supplied him with calzones. Some people claim that you could find calzones at more Italian takeout places and pizzerias after the episode aired. That could be true, or it could a case of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, which is when you see something in one place and then you start to notice it everywhere. Calzones got another TV boost in the 2010s from Parks and Recreation. There was a running joke about Ben Wyatt’s love for calzones that influenced the plot of more than one episode.  

Their name means “trousers.”

Calzones had their start as a street food in Naples in the 1700s. Made by folding a pizza in half before baking, calzones were an easy meal to eat while walking around. The name calzone comes from the Italian word for trousers, referring to the fact that you can eat it while you walk. Calzones are also much smaller in Italy than here in America. In America, even a small calzone will easily feed two people. The traditional Italian calzone is much smaller. It might fit in your pocket, but we wouldn’t recommend carrying one around in there!  

Hungry? Get Pizza, Calzones, Pasta, and More at Luisa's!

There might not be a huge difference between a calzone and a pizza, but if you feel like mixing up your takeout order, why not fold that pizza in half? At Luisa's, you can pack your calzone with all your favorite toppings and enjoy those delicious flavors in a different package!  

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