The Most Popular Specialty Pizzas From Your Local Pizza Shop

It is a known fact that many different people worldwide love pizza. At Luisa's Pizza, it is one of our favorite things to make off of our menu. But have you ever wondered what the most popular type of pizza is the most popular? Today, your local pizza shop is here to rank some of the most frequently ordered pizzas to find out what is the most popular one is.    pizza shops near me

Supreme Pizza

Can't decide what topping you want to get? Just get all of them! The "Supreme" pizza refers to all of the toppings that can come scattered on the pies. Anything from sausage, veggies, and more. The combinations are endless.   

Buffalo Pizza

The base for a pizza doesn't always have to be tomato sauce. In fact, this popular pizza features buffalo sauce as a base! The pizza's spicy, salty, buttery goodness is a natural combination.  

Hawaiian Pizza

While it may be a controversial choice for many, Hawaiian pizza still ranks on our list. Many pizza fans cannot deny that the combination of sweet and salty tastes makes excellent flavors for a pizza.    pizza places in manchester nh

BBQ Chicken Pizza

If you love barbeque chicken and pizza, this combination is perfect for you! This pizza has been a long-time favorite of sports fans and college students alike. In addition, it gives tangy and sweet flavorings to anyone who takes a big bite into one.   

Margarita Pizza

The Margarita is an Italian staple when it comes to the different types of pizza. It is topped with basil, mozzarella, and tomato to make one of the ultimate combinations for pizza toppings.    pizza manchester nh  

Three Meat

This pizza is for those who think that pepperoni just isn't enough meat on the pizza. It features a mixture of pepperoni, beef, and sausage. Pile everything on top of each other to make a hearty meal.  

Veggie Pizza

A veggie-topped pizza is perfect for those looking to jazz up their pizzas with loads of color and texture. You can top it with everything from peppers, onions, mushrooms, and more! Just don't put any meat on it!    pizza near me

Cheese Pizza

It isn't a shocker to many that the pizza in the number one slot is the ever-versatile cheese pizza. It is simple, adored, and a classic all on its own.   

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