The Fascinating History Behind Pizza Delivery in Manchester

We’ve all ordered pizza at some time or another. Whether placing an order online, by app or phone, you’re left waiting for the bell to ring and your pizza to arrive. Although this seems simple enough, pizza delivery in Manchester wasn’t once as convenient. Here, our pizza loving professionals at Luisa’s Italian Pizzeria are proving fun facts about the history of pizza delivery, sure to be a hit at your next trivia night!  

Pizza delivery is as old as the Great Fire in Seattle.

Destroying 25 blocks of downtown Seattle, the Great Fire of 1889 took the city by storm. An overturned glue pot in a local cabinet shop was the cause of the most destructive fire in Seattle history. Beginning in the basement, heating elements such as wood chips were everywhere, encouraging the flames to grow quickly. Next door to the cabinet shop, a liquor store, which quickly exploded, sending the fire even further across the neighborhood. However, as the fire set the city ablaze, King Umberto and Queen Margherita were ordering pizza. In 1886 the first known pizza was delivered to the King and Queen in Naples, Italy. In honor of royalty, the chef designed the pizza in the colors of the Italian flag. With red tomatoes, green basil, and white mozzarella cheese, this pizza was not only the first recorded pizza delivery, but it also set the basis for what is now our Neapolitan pizza.  

The pizza comes to the United States.

It wasn’t long before the pizza made it’s way over the ocean to America. However, it wasn’t until World War II that pizza delivery services became a thing. Starting in New York City, several local pizza shops started offering “order to take home” pizzas. These pizzas were stored in containers and easily transported to soldiers. A few years later, Los Angeles raised the bar with pizza shops offering to deliver the pizza, and for free. This was the beginning of the modernization of pizza delivery within the United States.   pizza places in manchester nh  

Pizza meets the internet.

As the fast food industry evolved, people wanted their food to offer them convenience. Thus, the delivery game continues to innovate it’s techniques as well. However, in 1997, the world was introduced to the world wide web. With experimental sites like PizzaNet. As the first thing ever sold online, PizzaNet allowed folks in the Santa Cruz area the ability to order their pizzas online for pickup or delivery. It was during these times that pizza shops began popping up everywhere. As time passed and technologies advanced, the industry took the nation by storm. From DoorDash to old fashioned delivery drivers ringing doorbells, pizza delivery in Manchester has never been busier!  

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