The History Behind The Pizza Shop

The pizza shop is always the best spot for a quick bite to eat. Ask anyone worldwide, and you’ll probably hear the same sentiment. And although no one does it quite like Italy, we’d like to think the pizza shops in America have continued the Italian tradition. No matter where you go, you’ll always enjoy ordering a fresh slice of cheese and pepperoni. And this month, we’re diving into the history of the pizza shop and how it became a tradition in America.   

Humble Beginnings

Much like the start of the pizza, the pizza shop has a history of its own, as well. dating back as far as 1738. According to tradition, the first Italian pizzeria dates back to 1738. Called Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba, this pizza shop is still in service today, serving a pizza dish based on the original pizza: flatbread, tomato sauce, and simple toppings like cheese and olive oil.   

Pizza Travels To America

The first American pizza can be credited to Gennaro Lombardi in 1905. A grocer by trade, he sold his version of the traditional Italian flatbread out of his Manhattan-based grocery store. The pizza became a city-wide favorite, and in 1910, a second pizzeria opened called Joe's Tomato Pies. Soon after, many more pizza shops began to open - people had caught on to the delicious flatbread, and they couldn’t get enough of it!  

The Pizzeria Revolution

Today, your local pizza shop probably serves much more than just the basic Napoleon flatbread of tomato, olive oil, and cheese. What was once considered a quick lunch for the working Italian-American immigrant in the 1900s, soon became the favored meal for everyone. Of course, the style of pizza has also changed based on the area, with styles ranging from deep-dish to stuffed crust, to thin and crispy! However you prefer your pizza, the same is almost always true: it’s going to be good!  

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