The Top 5 Manchester Pizza Toppings

At Luisa’s Pizza, we take pizza seriously. And while debates rage over the best crust and dough (we’ve made our case for homemade dough), toppings are just as important. When it comes time to order some Manchester pizza, especially for a group of people, what toppings to pick is by no means a simple decision. Luckily, you’ve found some pizza experts to help you choose.

Here are the five most popular choices to top your Manchester pizza.



It is probably no surprise that pepperoni consistently tops the pizza toppings charts. There is some argument about where other toppings should fall on this list, everyone agrees that pepperoni deserves the top spot. According to a YouGov America poll from 2021, 64% of Americans like pepperoni on their pizza. And who can blame them? Pepperoni is delicious and just a little bit spicy. It’s perfect for pizza.  


Some people will say that other toppings come in at number two, but we’re happy to give it to sausage. There’s a little more variation in sausage. You don’t necessarily know how sweet or spicy the sausage a particular pizza place uses until you try it. We understand why the predictability of pepperoni bumps it up over sausage.  


If you’re surprised that mushrooms are this high on the list, you’re not alone! We didn’t expect mushrooms to rank so well, either. Though on second thought, maybe we shouldn’t have been so surprised. You don’t usually order mushrooms by themselves, but people love them alongside other toppings. They add another texture and flavor to your pizza that makes it a more complex experience.  

Extra Cheese

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer. Cheese is an essential part of the pizza, why wouldn’t you want more of it? Ordering extra cheese is a perfect option if you’re ordering for a group that has vegetarians or picky eaters. Everybody likes cheese, right? You can’t go wrong with a little more.  


Another topping that isn’t common to order on its own, onions complement the other flavors and textures of a pizza. A little sweet with a bit of a bite, onions add a certain something that your pizza is missing. They can also add a little bit of a crunch, depending on how the pizza place slices and cooks the onions before they go on the pizza. manchester pizza

The Best Toppings at Your Favorite Manchester Pizza Place

What’s your favorite pizza topping? Let us know by ordering it from your favorite Manchester pizza place, Luisa’s Pizza! Try one of our specialties or build your own with your favorite toppings.  

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